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I was born in 1956 .After finishing German Highschool ,İstanbul , I studied chemical engineering in Boğaziçi ( Bosphorus ) University . I took a Master of Engineering degree from the Chemical and Environmental Department of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY,U.S.A.) on a study about processing of thermoplastics. In 1981 I joined our family business on plastics , soap and detergents . 1985 was the year that I co-founded MARMARA Foodstuff and Cleaning Materials Co. (previous name of the current co.) . In 1988 the german company BENCKISER had chosen MARMARA to manufacture their products in Turkey , which has been a milestone in the history of MHC MARMARA .This cooperation was one of the first private label manufacturing cooperations with a foreign manufacturer in Turkey , which has led us to accept this model of manufacturing cooperation as a company policy ever after and resulted with hundreds of contract manufacturing agreements with local and foreign companies . Not only as a dedicated manufacturer , but also as a consulting company in our business sector , we have served tens of companies from Turkey and abroad on engineering or chemical basis with success. It gave me great professional honour and pleasure throughout my 27 service years in the field of PLM , as this kind of cooperation ,which needs intense exchange of know-how , greatly depends on personal trustworthiness and reliability. We will dedicatedly keep on sticking to this motto myself and my colleagues in the company.

Chemical Engineer

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I was born in 1981. In the year 2002 I was graduated from the Chemistry Department of AKDENİZ University. After the military service in 2004 , I started in MARMARA as chemist and while working there, I took a degree of master of science from the Department of Organic Chemistry of Marmara University in 2007. My jobs in MARMARA included QC and R&D laboratory and manufacture , which gave me great experience and confidence in my profession. In 2009 I earned an MBA degree from Department of Business Administration of Marmara University to which my gathered experiences in purchase and sales&marketing in MARMARA greatly contributed.I still serve to clients passionately keeping up with the mottos of MHC MARMARA, such as being reliable, trustworthy , following novelties in our sector , making our clients feel as comfortable as in their own factory, and sharing the knowledge , know-how and experience gathered within 30 years alongwith the physical facilities of MHC MARMARA .



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