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Company Profile

MHC MARMARA was founded in 1985 , 30 years ago . Two brothers descending from a family involved in olive oil and soap production have founded MHC MARMARA...

At the beginning , production of industrial & institutional cleaning products was aimed only ; but in 1988 it turned out into another production style , which was totally new for Turkey : PRIVATE LABEL MANUFACTURING of all kinds of cleaning and personal care products . The company insisted on this using all the professional knowledge , experience and facility for clients from all over Turkey as well as from various countries who seek to promote their own brand names on the products .

Today MHC MARMARA has reached a production area of 5,100 m2 from a humble inital 375 m2 and 1,600 m2 as an intermediary step . Blending and packaging units have reached a capacity of 25,000 tons per annum for all kinds of powder , liquid , cream or gel type of cleaning and personal care products. The capabilities are still on the move starting from R&D up to any kind of packaging methods .

In its 30th anniversary MHC MARMARA continues to carry the weight and burden of manufacture by sharing all the knowledge and experience gathered in 30 years and its physical production units with clients giving them enouh free space to concentrate on marketing & sales only .

With the very same motivation of celebrating 30th anniversary we want to reach the golden 50th year of foundation as well !

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